Charting the Design Space of Query Execution using VOILA

Tim Gubner (CWI)

atabase architecture, while having been studied for four decades now, has delivered only a few designs with well-understood properties. These few are followed by most actual systems. Acquiring more knowledge about the design space is a very time-consuming process that requires manually crafting prototypes with a low chance of generating material insight. In this talk, we propose a framework that aims to accelerate this exploration process significantly. Our framework enables synthesizing many different engines from a description in a carefully designed domain-specific language (VOILA). VOILA sits in the sweet spot between high- and low-level languages and allows encoding algorithmic details without specifying the physical implementation. Based on VOILA, we built an extremely flexible code generator (FUJI) which is easily extensible and allows semi-automatic exploration of the design space.

Tim Gubner is a PhD student in the Database Architectures group at CWI, under the supervision of Prof. Peter Boncz. His research deals with efficient data structures and algorithms for analytical workloads on modern hardware.