Aggregation Support for Modern Graph Analytics

Alin Deutsch (UC San Diego)

In this talk I will describe how GSQL, TigerGraph’s graph query language, supports the specification of aggregation in graph analytics. GSQL makes several unique design decisions with respect to both the expressive power, the semantics, and the evaluation complexity of the specified aggregation. I will show how these ideas transcend GSQL and apply to existing pattern-based declarative query languages, and I will discuss their place in the upcoming graph query language standards.

Alin Deutsch is a full professor of Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego. His research is motivated by the data management challenges raised by database-powered applications. His interests include query language design and optimization for various data models ranging from text to the relational and post-relational models (with particular emphasis on graph data). He also works on cross-model data integration and on automatic verification of business processes. He earned his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania, an MSc degree from the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) and a BSc degree from the Polytechnic University Bucharest (Romania). He is the recipient of the 2019 ICDT Test of Time Award, the 2018 Alberto Mendelzon ACM PODS Test of Time Award, the ACM SIGMOD 2006 Top-3 Best Paper Award, a Jean D’Alembert Excellence Fellowship from the University Paris-Saclay, the Alfred P.Sloan Fellowship, and an NSF CAREER award.