FASTER: Simplifying Storage for the Modern Edge-Cloud

Badrish Chandramouli (Microsoft Research)

Managing state efficiently in modern applications written for the cloud and edge is hard. In the FASTER project, we have been creating building blocks such as FasterKV and FasterLog to alleviate this problem using techniques such as epoch protection, tiered storage, and asynchronous recoverability. In this talk, we describe these components and how we have been evolving the project over time to meet the needs of a diverse set of use cases at Microsoft and in open source.

Badrish Chandramouli is a senior principal research manager in the data systems group at Microsoft Research. His research interests include stream processing, big data analytics, state management, resiliency, and distributed systems. Over the last decade, Badrish has worked on several popular open-source systems from Microsoft, including Trill (a high performance streaming analytics library), FASTER (a fast resilient key-value store), and CRA/Ambrosia (systems to help author highly resilient distributed apps).